Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sip Swap and the Best Mug Ever!

Huge thanks to Jessica Love and Kelsey Macke who were the brains and hosts behind SipSwap. I don’t know if it was more fun picking out a mug to give away or opening the one Laura Hughes sent to me.  http://mittensmorgul.blogspot.com/ 

Actually, the timing was perfect. I’d had a crazy-tough morning at work, then my husband brought in my sip swap package from the post office—and the day turned around.

Not only did the package contain a beautiful handmade mug, but there was gourmet coffee as well! The mug hasn’t gone home to my writing desk, at least not yet. I’ve kept it at work. It’s perfect. I need a heavy mug on my workbench, so it can’t be easily knocked over. It’s big enough to contain a serious level of caffeine. And finally, I have a mug which no one else will use by mistake. Yay!

Thanks again, Laura. November was a wild month for me and your gift topped everything off.

Oh, sip swappers. While you’re here be sure to check out Monday’s post and enter to win my balsam wreath giveaway. Why shouldn’t the presents just keep on coming?


  1. Ooooh! Nice mug :0)
    Wasn't that SipSwap experience fun?

  2. Be very jealous. It's not just a nice mug--it's a super fantastic mug! It's always fun to make new writing friends.

  3. I really do. In fact, I had a fit this morning when I could find it. I'd actually washed it and put it beside the coffeemaker.

  4. It sure it and the coffee which came with it was fantastic too!

  5. I love it!! What a beautiful mug! Thank you so much for participating in the swap!!