Saturday, January 10, 2015

Strong women: TV Series Banshee –plus #30mdare and deadlines

I got my first editorial notes for MOONHILL (book 1) at the beginning of October and have been working on revisions ever since. Right now it's with my agent, then one more round of revision before it goes back to the editor on the 15th. For inspiration and motivation, I've kept track of my progress on a calendar, giving myself stickers for various things from simply keeping my butt in the chair, to finishing chapters. Also, with help of #30mdare, I got up to 35k on a first draft of book 2.  

But a writer doesn’t thrive on work alone and that may be why I spent the other day crashed on the couch with my husband, watching the first two seasons of the TV series Banshee in one big gulp. 

The total lack of anything else on TV first drew my husband to start watching it, then the boobs and action. But it was the complexity, and raw-edginess of the characters and action that made me sit down and kept both of us watching for hours. 

There is another interesting aspect to the show—and it was actually my husband who first noticed it. Right when I thought he like several women characters because of their looks, he said something like, “It’s great to see a show where the women are strong for a change.”   

This is something I’ve never heard my husband say before. Honestly, I wasn’t sure he’d ever noticed the lack in other shows. And he was right, Banshee has some the most take-charge and active women and girls I’ve seen in a long time—and not just because they physically kick serious butt.  They are women of strong emotional and physical action—and wicked complex.  The show is definitely not for everyone—blood, nudity, sex and horrible human beings of all stripes abound—and its backstory and interconnections are so complex it can be overwhelming. But if you like those kinds of things, then you might want to check it out. It was just the creative break and brain food I needed.