Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

My Top Ten Gothic Novels and Movies!

I’ve always loved reading and watching haunting stories with a rich gothic feel, a bit of darkness, and a touch of romance and adventure. Here is a list of my top ten favorites, a mixture of books and movies.

10. The Near Witch: By Victoria Schwab. I loved this young adult novel. It reminded me a lot of a classic nineteenth century gothic novels in tone and setting, but the language was a bit more accessible.

9. The Revenant: by Sonia Gensler. Another modern young adult novel that’s reminiscent of older gothic novels. It’s set in a Cherokee Female Seminary and that adds a fresh dimension to the story.

8. The Raven: by Edgar Allan Poe I actually love listening to audio versions of all of Poe’s poems and short stories even more than reading them.

7. Haunting of Hill House: by Shirley Jackson I enjoyed the story. But the 1963 movie version is the reason it’s on this list. Just perfect, unnerving and vivid.

6. Unspoken: by Sarah Rees Brennan. This is the first book in the Lynburn series. Lots of creepy, traditional gothic elements updated to make this story come across as fresh and modern.

5. Mistress of Mellyn: by Victoria Holt. Actually, I’d like to include all of Victoria Holt’s novels. They are classic mid-twentieth century romantic suspense novels. Honestly, I’m not sure which is my favorite.

4. Dark Shadows: TV show and mid-century novels in general. They are gothic junk food—fun and additive.

3. Beetlejuice: Tim Burton. This movie is just plain fun. It may not be traditional. It’s a celebration of all things gothic.

2. Interview with the Vampire: by Anne Rice. Dark, moody, and scary, this is my favorite Anne Rice novel. But The Witching Hour is a close second.

1. 13th Tale: by Diane Setterfield. This novel is in a class of its own. The writing is stupendous. It is the ultimate gothic novel.  

It’s your turn now. What is your all time favorite gothic novel and/or movie?