Sunday, August 9, 2020

ENTANGLED SECRETS: Pinterest Boards Revealed!

 Before I even start to write a novel, I create secret Pinterest boards for the characters, settings, and my plot ideas. It’s one of my absolutely favorite things to do, and helps me remember ideas and details. As I write, I add things and delete images that no longer fit the story. When it gets close to the novel’s release date, I go back through and cut duplicate images and ones that I simply don’t like any more. 


For ENTANGLED SECRETS, I have a main board that gives an overview of the world as Chandler Parrish experiences it, things from her past and present. Then I have secondary boards devoted to Chandler and her love interest in the story (Lionel). Those boards give a closer peek into their lives and loves.


I want to forewarn you that my Pinterest boards do contain spoilers. But if you’re still curious, here’s a link to my recently revealed ENTANGLED SECRETS boards:

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