Thursday, January 31, 2019

Free Prequel to The Portland Hafu Trilogy: Last Dream of Her Mortal Souls!

Stunning conclusion to The Portland Hafu Trilogy


Even a dream eater can’t escape the final sleep…

After her trip to Japan, the Head of Portland Kind calls Koi home to help solve a murder. The body of a powerful magical being was found in the witch’s hut in Forest Park, along with a strange, haunting quotation about dreams and death written in blood. Can Koi discover who seems to be calling out a Baku before others from her new-found family die?


We arrived at the bottom of the moss-covered staircase leading up the side of the structure. Kwaskwi took each step one at a time as if he were burdened with some heavy load.

“Are you all right?”

He beckoned me up the stairs. “I’ve kept up a circle of protection around this area for 48 hours. I’m about to drop. If you would just hustle that Yankee girl ass then I can rest.”

And there’s the Kwaskwi I know and love. I jogged up the rest of the stairs, too tired to drum up a clever comeback. And then, faced with the understanding of why Kwaskwi wasn’t completely his usual self, I stopped dead at the top of the stairs.

Spread eagled on the cold stone floor was a familiar figure. Dzunukwa, the Ice Hag. She’d first accosted me in Pioneer Square three weeks ago, blowing her ice wind through me when Ken and I were trying to reach Kwaskwi’s designated meeting space on time or risk losing Dad to him. She’d terrified me then. All red, red lips, tangled bird’s nest of hair, and a multicolored gypsy skirt inlaid with polished children’s teeth that flashed like mirrors. Even more terrifying, I’d used my Baku dream eating as a weapon for the first time on her—a living, waking being. Reveling in the power, repulsed by my own hunger, I’d almost drained her dry.

Now she lay here, her hair fanned out around her head like a dark starburst. Dead. Her lips were pursed as if about to send a stream of heart-stopping cold, but her black eyes were open, staring, and lifeless. Someone had carefully arranged her skirt so it spread wide, and placed her arms across her middle in a terrible mimicry of a ballerina’s first position. My mind yawned wide, a formless void. There was no comprehending what my eyes beheld. She was here, murdered. And above her on the stone wall was the rest of the Shakespeare quote someone had painted in maple syrup on my bed. Only here it was traced in something dark-red, crumbling, and smelling of sour melon and pennies.

What dreams may come?

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Bringer of Death
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Enter the magical world of the Kind-- 
the beings from world myths and legends that live amongst us.

Japan Lost World War ll, but the Tokyo Council still rules the magical Kind with an iron will. When the Council's enforcer, Bringer-of-Death, receives orders to go after a veteran who happens to be Baku--a dream eater--he is caught between the threat of punishment and his desire to help the Baku escape. Can Bringer-of-Death find a way to both protect his family and the Baku? Or will be be trapped as the Council's slave forever? 

Download this novelette, Bringer-of-Death, to experience Fujiwara Ken's very first meeting with the Baku Herai Akihito--way before he encounters Akihito's daughter Koi Pierce, at the start of Dream Eater, the first book of K. Bird. Lincoln's multi-cultural Portland Hafu Urban Fantasy Trilogy. 

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