Monday, October 29, 2018

Two Questions with . . . R J Theodore ~ Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween week to everyone. For this special occasion, I’m totally thrilled to share an interview with the super creative and amazing author, RJ Theodore.  

Hi Pat! Thanks so much for hosting me for another edition of "Two Questions with..."! I'm excited to share the season with my fellow Halloween enthusiasts.

9 Which Horror Tropes do you love to twist/would love to see twisted?
The cosmic horror. It’s still attributed to the racist, bigoted, xenophobic Howard Phillips Lovecraft long after his death. In my opinion, he needs to have that mantle stripped away, and the “cosmic horror” genre reclaimed in the name of people who deserve the attention. There are amazing stories still to be told that can come from beyond the realm of understanding, and we need to stop pointing backward toward the most famous and controversial roots to really explore where else these stories can take us and measure them based on their own merit. So my twist would be to invent a new mythos, create new ineffable beings, and stop acknowledging HPL as the origin of our new creative works.

10 What is your go-to scary/Halloween movie
Perhaps it’s cheating, because it’s an anthology and therefor I don’t have to choose, but my go-to Halloween movie is, hands down, Trick ‘R Treat. It’s a werewolf story, a serial killer story, a guilty-conscience/rise from the dead for revenge, and a cautionary tale story all rolled together into a movie about one night in a small US town’s Halloween celebration.

My favorite part about it is the concept that the holiday, however commercial it’s become, still has rules from its Pagan tradition, and woe be the one who breaks those rules.    


R J Theodore is a graphic designer, illustrator, and author. Her first series of novels, the Peridot Shift series, launched in March 2018 with the publication of FLOTSAM through Parvus Press. A Science Fiction and Fantasy enthusiast of any format, she draws from a lifetime of SFF influences to craft stories with irreverent physics, irresponsible gods, and unforgettable characters. She writes both long-form novels and shorter works, including the ongoing self-published Phantom Traveler novella series which began with THE BANTAM and continues, one episode at a time, for her supporters on Patreon.

Mx. Theodore first began inventing worlds before she could spell the words it took to describe them. Her earliest stories were rendered in pipe cleaners, shoe boxes, and modified plastic milk jugs. There is, somewhere on a floppy disk in a landfill, a partially written Star Trek fanfic that the Parvus Press team would pay a bounty to retrieve. Of Mx. Theodore’s more recent story crafting, SFF author Jennifer Foehner Wells says, “R J Theodore is a fresh voice who will soon be on your must-read list!"
Mx. Theodore is fueled by coffee and churrasco.


THE BANTAM (A Phantom Traveler Novella):
Ehli never expected much from her life. She’s an Iscillian, designed in a lab to serve as custodian for a Xendari merchant crew, with no future beyond the warranty of their starship. When she reads two previously overlooked lines in the ship’s operations manual that cast doubt on everything she thought she knew about her existence, the satisfaction she once found in her simple life dissolves into an unsettling obsession with learning the truth.

She is expected to report for duty, complete her assignments, and rest until her next shift. To put the needs of the ship and crew before her own. She knows better than to expect the oh-so-vertebrate Xendari to help her find the answers she craves, but every step she takes investigating her origins – and that of all Iscillian serving as bioaccessories across the galaxy – takes her further from the life she knew, and deeper into danger.

But she can’t ignore what she’s learned. She must know what secrets have been kept from her, and she’s willing to risk everything to uncover them.

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