Friday, June 30, 2017

Inside Story: Dark Heart Series--Donuts and Sex

I asked my followers on Facebook if they was any part of the Dark Heart series that they’d like to know more about. One of the questions really enticed me because it was different and has a deep reason for being in the series—namely they wanted to know more about the sexy fun Annie and Chase have with jelly donuts. (Warning this does contain small spoilers)

The jelly donut scene is in chapter 1 of  BEYOND YOUR TOUCH (Dark Heart book #2). You can read the scene HERE . However, throughout the series, it’s clear that sharing coffee and donuts has a special meaning for Annie. It reminds her (in a non-sexual way) of good times she spent on the road with her father when she was younger. To Annie, coffee and donuts in bed with her lover might be sexy fun, but it is also a sign that her feelings towards him have grown, that she trusts and cares about him deeply. For Chase, the donuts represent something quite different. In REACH FOR YOU more details about the conditions Chase was raised under in the djinn realm come to light. There is a tiny scene in that book where Annie sees a snack bar that Chase loved to go to. This scene reveals that Chase is a bit of a glutton when it comes to food and that he doesn’t have the best table manners—for one reason: he was starved as a child. So when Chase meets Annie and gets to the point where he can let his guard down and not only be sexually playful but waste food while doing it, it’s a major change for him. It’s also a sign of how his trust and feelings for Annie are helping him recover from his past and move toward a new future that includes her.

If you have any questions leave them below or on my Goodreads profile. I’ll stop back over the next few days and answer for you.

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