Monday, May 1, 2017

Very Nice PW Review for REACH FOR YOU

I'm delighted by the nice review REACH FOR YOU received from Publisher's Weekly. 

REACH FOR YOU by Pat Esden (Kensington TP/July 2017/978-1-4967-0009-4)

The entertaining, fast-paced third Dark Heart gothic paranormal romance picks up just hours after the final events of Beyond Your Touch, in which Annie Freemont was unceremoniously ejected from the realm of the djinn. She refuses to let that stop her from rescuing her boyfriend, Chase, and her long-lost mother, who are still being held captive in the other dimension. Working with her father and extended family, Annie must make an uncomfortable alliance with mysterious Lotli, whose flute magic can help Annie safely cross between worlds, but it’s clear that Lotli has no qualms about manipulating everyone around her for her own benefit. Annie must find her way back to Chase, whose mental health is suffering from being trapped in the place where he spent so many of his younger years. Though Annie and Chase’s romance is a focus of the series, they’re kept far apart in this installment; fans will hungrily anticipate their reunion, but new readers will be completely lost.

PLUS~A HOLD ON ME (Dark Heart book #1) 
is .99 on Amazon right now!

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