Monday, August 18, 2014

Moe and Tom's Tour--Looking for Vermont Hosts and Venues

My great niece Audrey and her partner Shayne have successfully funded their first CD and are launching a tour. Right now, they're looking for venue suggestions in the Burlington Vermont area and hosts (suggestions and offers for other locations are welcome as well).

They are more than willing to do work in exchange for one or two nights lodging.

Here's the YouTube that successfully Kickstarted this venture.  It tells about their tour, their music and about how they plan to donate a portion of the profits from their CD back to the public school program that gave them their start.

Here's another YouTube if you'd like to hear more.

If you're interested in hosting or have a venue suggestion, leave a comment or contact me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also be sure to follow them on FaceBook or @Moe_and_Tom on Twitter. 


  1. No suggestions, just that they're very talented, and I'm wishing them lots of success!

  2. Thanks, Leandra. I'm so excited for them. And, you're right--an amazing amount of talent.

  3. They're lovely and talented. Since everything about kick-starter mystifies me, I'm happy to hear of such a success story. Go, girls!

  4. I'm thrilled they got their funding as well, Mirka. I'm sure the CD will be amazing.