Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What's Up?

I’m related to some amazing artists, singers and writers, so in the future I’m going to touch on them now and again.

Here’s what my sisters, Robin Rice Lichtig and Ruby Rice, are up to at this time.

The World Premier of Robin’s play “Alice in Black and White” is February 28-March 9 in Louisville Kentucky.

The play tells the story of Alice Austen (1866-1952) who fell in love with photography and another woman at a time when young women were expected to do neither (see photo below and more details on link).   http://www.lookingforlilith.org/index.php/production-history/alice-in-black-and-white.html

Ruby is opening her Visionary Healing Art Sanctuary in Colrain Massachusettes to writers. Spend an inspired afternoon in her studio writing poetry or fiction. Your work may even end up included in a future mixed media book.  Check out the link to see more of her art and the ‘news’ section to learn more about the open studio invite :   http://www.vhasanctuary.com

I’ve also heard rumblings that Ruby’s art is going be available at an upcoming New York City show. I’ll post more details once I know them.

How about you guys—are there any artists or writers in your family? What are they up to?


  1. Your talented sister picked a very interesting and worthy subject for her play. I hope the whole of Louisville shows up!

  2. I do too. It's an absolutely facinating bit of history that I certainly had never heard about.